Inventory of TradingMic’s Wholesale Spy Camera Devices

17 Jun

According to the reliable news, during the coming 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the police on duty will wear sunglasses hidden camera built-in face scanning software.This kind of sunglasses is installed micro hidden camera, which can be taken 400 pictures per second. Its work distance is up to 50 meters, so that help law enforcement officers timely find the illegal activities involved in fights or others.

Throughout the ages, bourne identity, how to be survivor, to seize the opportunities? Equipment is critical. The more advanced equipment, the more successful the spy will be. Here, we show some china cheap spy camera devices from TradingMic wholesale Limited ( ), such as watches and clocks spy cameras, charger hidden camera, sunglasses spy cam, mp3 spy camera, ID card nanny cams, button pinhole cameras, lighter spying camera, chewing gum security cameras…Beyond that, TradingMic also provides spy cell phone for consumers’ requirement.

Spy Mobile Phones

As mobile phone surveillance has taken a massive leap in technology, TradingMic is proud to release spy phone a whole new range of fantastic features, which will let eavesdropping become easy. Just need a regular GSM smartphone, information can deliver to the phones via SMS. TradingMic’s spy mobiles have powerful functions such as three cameras, 2GB memory, 3.2 inch touch screen, audio / video / radio player, e-book reader and so on.

HD Spy Sunglasses Camera

Nowadays, sunglasses is not only as a tool to have fun and be cool, also can be used as spies. In general, there hidden “electronic eyes” in the legs of the sunglasses. Just a glance, other’s every act and every move will be recorded. Sunglasses spy cams from TradingMic features trendy appearance design and excellent lenses, its reinforced Polaroid polarizing lens provides clear, natural sight, and excellent anti-impact performances. Highly recommended device for journalist, traffic police, travelers and etc.

Light Hidden Cameras

This lighter pinhole cameras adopts brand new technology to capture highly-detailed videos with incredibly clear video compress file sizes. Built in 4GB memory, there is no need to insert another memory card while sneaking a video. Thanks to the advance technology, it allows you to take clear indoor videos without using a flash. Of course, you can also capture video clips with sound with voice recording function. So you can record that elusive piece of evidence wherever you may find it.

Home Miniature Security Camera

At present, electronic products are more and more compact, but they has a bunch of dazzling complexity function like spy cameras. And spycameras not only let you stay in touch on-the-go, but can be as home security equipments and personal security. China electronics wholesale supplier offers lots of spy security cams for indoor surveillance are as following:

Wall Thermometer Camera

Want more micro spy nanny cams, head over to TradingMic.Com, there are more surprise in store for you.
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